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As the World Wide Web develops, technical expertise becomes a critical factor in Web production. The technological expertise of Page Blvd guarantees that your Web pages will reflect the latest in Web technology. Through this expertise we are able to offer clients many features beyond basic HTML and graphics, including tables, frames, forms, CGI, Java, and Perl scripting.

We also offer Site Hosting and Maintenance, Search Engine Registration, and Domain Name Registration.


Tables are an early method of creating an organized and coherent layout for text or graphics on the web. For examples of basic tables usage, please see the New England Home Design page.


Frames are the logical next step from tables, creating an organizational scheme that exists not on a single page but through a series of pages or even through an entire site. Our Main Street site uses frames in its menu bar (on the left side, if you are using a frames browser). This is the most immediately successful and important implementation of frames, and every site can benefit since it allows the user to have a familiar map and navigational tool with him or her on all the pages of the site.

CGI and Java Scripting

CGI (Common Gateway Interface) scripting, calls on a script in our server and allows for more interactivity than simple page serving. A common CGI application is in Forms submittal. CGI allows the information entered within a form to be sent to an E-Mail box or even another Web Page as formatted text for use in a local database for tracking. Page Blvd offers standard CGI scripts and well as the capability to program a custom application for your own specific need.


Forms are an integral and useful part of HTML. An example of a form can be found at the bottom of the Page Blvd page. Form allow our customers to collect data on the visitors to their Web Site as well as allowing the visitor to submit requests for information.


Java is a language developed by Sun Microsystems. Java scripting allows for further innovation in site design and interactivity. While largely used on the web now for fun little gimmicks, it has real potential for revolutionizing the way we interact with a site. We will be adding Java applets to our site in the near future, until then if you have a Java enabled browser such as Netscape 2.0 be sure to check out Sun Microsystems.

Search Engines

Page Blvd can register your pages with the popular search engines. It is quite possible that is how you found us. A search engine is a service that allows you to query a database of Web Sites in order to locate Web Pages containing information on the subject that you are interested in. A search engine can also be installed directly within you Web Site to facilitate the location of information within your Site itself.

Hosting and Maintenance

Hosting and Maintenance consists of the "rental" of virtual office space. We will store your web site on our server keeping it available to the entire Internet through a high speed connection. Maintenance provides consistent verification of any link you have within you Site, Daily backup of your Site's information, and restoration of any data that should become corrupted.

Domain Registration

We will provide the registration of your web site to the InterNic. This allows your site to be listed as Should you need E-Mailboxes we can also custom provide them at This enhances your image on the net fits much better on business cards.

The programmers at Page Blvd are continually working to improve our present technological add-ons and to bring new functionality, interactivity and fun to the Web Sites we publish. We look forward to hearing from you on your Internet project.

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