Pet Parlor

Summer 1996



I recommend clipping your dogs nails at an early age. Learn to clip them yourself or have your groomer do them. Clip them on a monthly basis. If you start young enough, you should have no problems in the future!! There are many dogs who fear having their nails clipped, some have had their nails clipped too short causing pain, while others just don’t like having it done. I muzzle dogs who would definitely bite if not restrained, this doesn’t happen often but always remember to use caution.

The other alternative to clipping your pets nails is to walk them on pavement on a daily basis. This will wear them down - sometimes you might never have to clip your pets nails.


Between grooming appointments, it is very important to brush and or comb your pet on a regular basis. Some pets would only require this on a weekly basis, while others need more. "Surface brushing" as I call it, is helpful but in order to make sure you’re getting all undercoat & matting out, your pet needs to be combed. Combing is the most help you can give to your groomer.

We’re "beauticians not magicians" applies to groomers also. We can only work with what is presented but what pet parents want & what I can do are sometimes totally different. I want your pet to have as relaxing a grooming visit as possible , so try to get yourself on a schedule. Your pet will appreciate this very much.

If you want to bathe your pet between groomings, make sure to get all matting out beforehand because the mats will get worse when wet.

Check your pets ears for infections. If they appear red or your pet is shaking his head or scratching at his ears, have him checked by a vet. Even if your pets ears look clean, if he is shaking or scratching his ears, there could be an infection deep down which only your veterinarian could see.

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