Bada the Himalayan
Bug Bytes

June 1996

Tick & flea season is upon us once again. These little creatures can be awful hard to get rid of. Iíve found that the best way to rid your pet of ticks is to feel the entire coat on a daily basis-especially if he is around damp, swampy areas. Use tweezers to gently pull the ticks off. Be sure to get the entire tick, including itís head. Your Veterinarianís office will also have a new tick collar which seems to be giving good results. Iíve never had good luck with flea & tick dips. The only time I would recommend a dip is as a preventative not as a cure.

In order to get rid of fleas, you will have to flea bomb your house or use flea sprays. Fleas do not go away with just flea bathing your pet. Fleas spend about 20% of their time on your pet and the rest in your carpeting or their bedding. While you are flea bombing, have your pet flea bathed at your groomers. Make sure to spray your car with the flea spray and if your vacuum has a bag in it, be sure to discard it because fleas can live inside it. If your have a sandy yard, you might have to spray a pesticide from your hardware store. Always read labels to ensure the safety of your pet, as well as your family.

August 1996

There are many new flea and/or tick products on the market which is making it more difficult to decide what is best for your pet. One of these products is called Front Line. It is a flea & tick product sold only at your veterinarians office. It is a spray which is administered topically, according to your pets weight, every month for ticks and every 3 months for fleas. The spray works its way down the hair shaft, into the hair follicles. Every time the animal shakes it releases more of the product to the skin which also means that if your pet gets wet, you donít have to reapply like most flea/tick products. Within 24 hours of applying, all fleas & ticks (on your pet) will be killed .

In using Front Line, keep in mind that it will not take care of an infestation of the house. You will still have to fumigate your house.

The other new product is called Program. This is a once a month pill which acts as a birth control for fleas and prevents female fleas from reproducing. Many people have had great luck with this product but expect it to take approximately 2-3 months to see results. As with Front Line, fumigation is required until your flea problem is under control.

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