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The Pet Place page is designed to inform animal "parents" of pet care tips for before and after grooming. It is also a place where I can tell you about training for grooming, places to buy grooming equipment & supplies, and grooming shops local to your area.

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During the winter months, it's very important to keep our pets safe & warm. As pet owners, we chose to accept responsibility for these living creatures. Unfortunately, they can't tell us if their feet are cold or if their ears are freezing - a condition known as FROSTBITE. If a pet is left outside in artic deep-freeze temperatures, frostbite can occur, sometimes causing the tips of ears to turn white in serious cases.

The other condition which is very dangerous to pets during the winter months is HYPOTHERMIA. This is usually caused by your pet getting wet in very cold weather. Signs of hypothermia include extreme shivering followed by uncharacteristic inactivity & lethargy. If this happens you need to get your pet warm as soon as possible. If your dog seems "out of it" wrap him up & bring him immediately to your veterinarian.

For pets which are kept outside, the need for protection from the cold is absolutely necessary. It's best to keep your pet inside during extreme cold but if he must be kept outside, a doghouse is a must. Remember to limit the size of the doghouse - your dog only needs enough room to stand up in and turn around comfortably. It should be well insulated & the opening should face south & have a flap over it. Raise the doghouse off the ground so the cold isn't radiated through the floor. Put a blanket or straw in the doghouse for extra protection.

One last important issue is fresh - unfrozen water! The best solution is to purchase a water warmer. Try to use ground-fault circuit interrupters so as to avoid putting your pet in any danger.


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